Tetra Betta Fish

Tetra Betta Fish. A large / long tank is recommended as tetras are. Betta fish has been since early times of its discovery been used for fight shows which started in Thailand initially leading to its fame all over the globe.

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GloFish® Sunburst Tetra | fish Goldfish, Betta & More … (Sean Medina)

They will fight for their tank. Males are especially likely to fight other male bettas, but their is really no safe combo when it. For this reason, bettas must be kept separate from other bettas and, typically, other varieties of fish, as well.

Finding the best betta fish tank is quite a hassling job.

I am new to having fish.

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Betta is a slow moving fish but can dash for a few centimeters, so as long as you give them enough space to run there won't be any. Provides complete and fast acting water conditioning for Betta fish. Betta fish need the right mix of non-aggressive fish to share their aquarium.

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