Recipe: Appetizing Eggless Rasmalai cake

Recipe: Appetizing Eggless Rasmalai cake

Eggless Rasmalai cake.

Recipe: Appetizing Eggless Rasmalai cake You can cook Eggless Rasmalai cake using 6 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Eggless Rasmalai cake

  1. Prepare of VanillaCake sponge.
  2. Prepare of Rasmalai.
  3. You need of Rose essence.
  4. Prepare of Whipped cream.
  5. You need of Yellow colour or saffron.
  6. Prepare of Sugar.

Eggless Rasmalai cake instructions

  1. Take cake sponge cut into 2 pieces than apply some Rasmalai chunks on it as per your choice than add whipped cream (making whipped cream-take whipped cream whisk it till it's get fluffy than add yellow colour than add one tsp sugar and rose essence) apply whipped cream properly on cake make some designs with star nozzles top of the cake than add some fresh crushed pistachio and rose patels serve chilled for more recepies join me on u tube Ashwinder kaur Aggarwal.
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