Recipe: Yummy Banana chocolate cheese cake

Recipe: Yummy Banana chocolate cheese cake

Banana chocolate cheese cake.

Recipe: Yummy Banana chocolate cheese cake You can have Banana chocolate cheese cake using 16 ingredients and 9 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Banana chocolate cheese cake

  1. Prepare of dark chocolate compound.
  2. It’s of whipping cream.
  3. Prepare of cow cheese.
  4. It’s of bananas.
  5. It’s of hazelnuts chopped.
  6. You need of pistachios and walnuts chopped.
  7. Prepare of butter.
  8. Prepare of blueberry squash.
  9. You need of dried blueberries.
  10. You need of parle g biscuits.
  11. You need of coffee paste(4 tsp coffee+2 tsp sugar +1/2 cup water).
  12. You need of garnish-.
  13. You need of Cherries.
  14. Prepare of Chocolate syrup.
  15. It’s of Chocolate slices.
  16. Prepare of Dryfruits (pistachios,walnuts and hazelnuts).

Banana chocolate cheese cake instructions

  1. Frist take cow cheese, whipped cream and butter and beat them till fluffy..
  2. Now take a bowl and Now add dried blueberries and blueberry squash beat them nicely..
  3. Beat till fluffy texture..
  4. Now take a bowl,biscuits and coffee mixture..
  5. Dip the biscuits one by one in coffee mixture and arrange them..
  6. Fill the ready cream in this biscuits half..
  7. Arrange the banana slices then again fill the complete mixture on it..
  8. Again prepare the chocolate cream with dark melted chocolate and whip cream. Fill on the top of the creamy layer then garnish with dryfruits,chocolates and cherries on the top.Garnish with chocolate syrup.and keep it in fridge for 1 hour..
  9. Banana chocolate cheese cake is ready to serve..
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