My Carpet Stinks After Shampooing

My Carpet Stinks After Shampooing

My Carpet Stinks After Shampooing. Please help 🙁 No matter what I do my carpets smell of urine and damp 🙁 Its doing my head in. They get deep in carpets and rugs in the research, but we suck them right out of there!

My Carpet Stinks After Shampooing
Drybar dry shampoo | Dry shampoo, Drybar, Blowout (Clyde Alvarez)

Seeing not much change I went back to Dove unscented soap and shampoo/conditioner daily. How can I get rid of this? If the baking soda was placed on a rug, it can be shaken off outdoors.

It works wonders on spots, and it does clean the carpet, but in the long run, getting a carpet shampoo made.

How do you use carpet shampooer?

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Car Carpet Shampoo:

That's all there is to it! The wrong carpet shampoo or failing to follow manufacturer directions when diluting the product also causes crunchy carpets. Groin smell was virtually eliminated: the cheesy smell of sweat after a day's work was replaced with a much more gentle, musky, inoffensive odor.

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