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Get 7018 Vertical Up Stringer Pictures


Get 7018 Vertical Up Stringer Pictures. In this video i talk about how i go about welding a vertical up with 7018's. Welding a vertical tee with 1/8 7018 is much easier and the amperage range is wider.

1/8 7018 vertical up...... Dat peel : Welding
1/8 7018 vertical up…… Dat peel : Welding from

.you will see stick welding a 7018 vertical tee joint using 5/32 electrodes. Stick welding tips vertical 7018. (smag)stick welding 7018 verticals up, 88 amps 3/32 rod follow me here:

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Both stringer beads and the rod because arc force tells the machine to bump amps up a bit when your arc gets really tight. With the ahp alphatig 200x. This is a quick video on how to weld in the vertical up position. It's never easy if you are a beginner.