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Recipe: Perfect Cauliflower Tabbouleh


Cauliflower Tabbouleh. Spread the cauliflower 'couscous' out on a large baking tray in an even, thin layer. Stir once or twice during cooking until the cauliflower is just tender and the stock is absorbed. Spread over a plate and leave to cool.

Recipe: Perfect Cauliflower Tabbouleh

Transfer to a large, microwave-safe bowl and toss with. I love making this at the beginning of the week and throwing it into my salads. I will add it to some leafy greens, avocado, radishes and a protein. You can cook Cauliflower Tabbouleh using 6 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Cauliflower Tabbouleh

  1. Prepare of Cauliflower.
  2. Prepare of Cherry tomatoes.
  3. Prepare of Cucumber.
  4. It’s of Parsley.
  5. You need of Mint.
  6. It’s 2 tbls of vinegrette.

If I have made my lentil salad then I will chuck that in too. ⠀ Making salads interesting keeps you eating them 😀 ⠀ Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable and you should try and eat these daily to support. Once again cauliflower rice steps up to take the place of a high carb ingredient. Place in a large bowl, season with salt and pepper and add the olive oil and lemon juice on top. Mix to combine and set aside.

Cauliflower Tabbouleh instructions

  1. Grate cauliflower in food processor..
  2. Seed cucumber and dice.
  3. Cut tomatoes into 1/4's.
  4. Chop parsley and mint.
  5. Add everything into a bowl.
  6. Add vinegrette and toss.
  7. Chill for at least an hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the remaining ingredients and place on top of the grated cauliflower. In batches, pulse cauliflower in a food processor until it resembles rice (do not overprocess). Add remaining ingredients to food processor; pulse until finely chopped. Place a large skillet over medium heat. When oil starts to shimmer, add the riced cauliflower and stir.