Healthy Betta Fish

Healthy Betta Fish. Male Betta fish live longer than female thus, if you want a longer lasting relationship with your fish Because it is an indication of your Betta fish being healthy and happy. How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

How to Raise a Healthy Betta Fish | About Betta Fish
How to Raise a Healthy Betta Fish | About Betta Fish (Jon Stevenson)

Betta fish love to swim around and explore their entire tank. This betta fish care guide can help you figure it all out, and give you the information you need to provide your new pet with a healthy environment where he will thrive for many years. It can all be a little bit confusing at first.

Betta fish care isn't difficult, but it does require know-how.

When you notice your betta fish is bloated, you should act quickly to sort the problem out and keep him healthy.

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How to Raise a Healthy Betta Fish | About Betta Fish

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How to Keep Your Betta Fish Healthy and Happy

Healthy Betta's are interactive fish who will follow you around the tank. Betta fish diseases are easily preventable by maintaining a clean tank and feeding a healthy diet. Stressed bettas often have poor appetites and may be seen swimming right past new food.

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