Veiltail Betta

Veiltail Betta. These are the most common Betta fish out there. The Male Veiltail Betta is also known as a Siamese Fighting Fish.

13 Types of Betta Splendens Tails - Fishkeeprr
13 Types of Betta Splendens Tails – Fishkeeprr (Gussie Griffith)

This is the kind you'll most often encounter and that most people are familiar with as the "Siamese Fighting Fish". Veiltail breeding group is to help veils get back in the showing of bettas just like. The difference between this tail type and the veiltail is that if you were to draw a line horizontally across the centre of a betta fish there.

Crowntails, for an unknown reason, seem to be more vicious during spawning that Veiltails.

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The fins are very long and the tail is. The veiltail has a modified deep-and-round ryukin-shaped body, though without the dorsal 'hump' characteristic of ryukins. The original Domestic Betta in the USA Scientific Name: Betta Splendens Natural Habitat: Like all domestic Betta these fish are raised in captivity and don't.

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