Betta Fish Types

Betta Fish Types. Due to the fact that Bettas have been so. Due to their popularity, betta fish, (also commonly known as Siamese fighting fish) have been selectively bred over many years to create a wide variety of different looking types of betta fish.

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Most pet stores will be able to tell you Male bettas can even live with other types of fish if the tank is large enough, as well as. See the internal, external, and different characteristics of male and female bettas. What did you think about the guide above?

The best part about keeping betta fish is that you can breed two contrasting colors or types to get a more attractive result.

Betta Fish, also known as Siamese Fighting Fish, defend their territory fiercely.

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Here you can learn how to care, train, breed, and loads of other stuff as well as learning their colors and fin types. Betta fish love to swim around and explore their entire tank. Halfmoon bettas are perhaps the most wanted type of betta fish.

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