Male And Female Betta Mating

Male And Female Betta Mating. Male bettas have much longer fins, sometimes as much as three or four times the length of the females' fins. Yes all bettas can mate with other bettas. " regular betta fish" there are different types and they can all breed together.

All about betta fish: Betta breeding
All about betta fish: Betta breeding (Charles Nash)

Breeding conditions are difficult to achieve, breeding alone is hazardous to the female, and breeding bettas makes as much sense as breeding cats! The female gets to mate with the strongest and healthiest male without doing anything. The female Betta fish is a small fish that is native to Thailand, Malaysia and Cambodia.

If the male and female bettas are house in such a way that they can see one another, as in a large tank with a separator or two tanks that share a glass.

It's also recommended not to combine male and female bettas in an aquarium, except for mating.

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All about betta fish: Betta breeding

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Wild nature betta splendens or wild siamese fighting fish. I know Personally, I wouldn't put males and females together. These small fish hailing from coastal waters in North, Central and South America give birth to live young, rather than depositing eggs.

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