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Getbodysmart Muscular System. Animated text narrations and quizzes to explain the structures and functions of the human body systems. Tutorials and quizzes on skeletal muscle anatomy and basic muscle contraction physiology, using interactive animations and diagrams.

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Smooth muscle: Smooth muscle makes up the walls of hollow organs, respiratory passageways, and blood vessels. An Online Exploration of Human Anatomy and Physiology. Metabolic muscle disorders interfere with chemical.

An interactive quiz covering Muscles of Mastication through multiple-choice questions and featuring the iconic GBS illustrations.

Some muscular disorders and conditions that affect muscles include Picture – Skeletal Muscular System Legs.

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Muscles Of The Body Interactive Game – Human Anatomy

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System Quizzes • Free Anatomy & Physiology Quizzes

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An Online Review of Human Muscle Actions. A condensed, no-nonsense, easy to understand solution to learn all the. Muscles of the human body – actions, attachments, and locations, and nerve supply.